Capacities and Capabilities

Bucks County Laser Cutting ServicesPunching

Cold rolled steel .018" (25ga) to .25"
Hot rolled, pickled & oiled aluminum .018" (25ga) to .25"
Stainless steel .018" (25ga) to .125"

Laser Cutting

3/4" Steel (cold rolled & hot rolled p&o) 
1/2" Aluminum & stainless steel
1/4" Copper & brass

Forming & Fabricating

Cold rolled steel .010" (30ga) to 3/16"
Aluminum .018" (25ga) to 1/4"
Stainless steel .018" (25ga) to 3/16"


37" wide belt sander for sanding & graining
Large panel stroke sander

Spot Welding

Cold rolled steel .010" (30ga) to 3/16"
Aluminum .018" (25ga) to 1/8"
Stainless steel .018" (25ga) to 3/16"

Quality Control

ISO 9001:2015 certified system
Fabrivision Digitizing Inspection Machine audit to certification

Powder Coating

Conveyorized line with a 3-stage power cleaner-phosphater wash
24" x 40" x 84"

Silk Screening

In-house silk screening to your original artwork, a photo-positive (emulsion up), Oran artwork computer file


SolidWorks (3D Solid Modeling), AutoCAD Mechanical, TruTops CAD/Nest/Punch/Laser,  AP100 CAD/CAM system, Metamation Flux bending simulation/programming.